W2 Tax Service

The most important criteria for W2 was credibility and local market saturation. The campaign had to target two significantly different demographics to be regarded as successful. Senior Human Resources and Payroll Personnel had to regard the product as a positive benefit for their workers, while the beta test for 2013 in the consumer market was aimed at Hispanics filing non-complex 1040s.

Kneer’s team decided that articles in the Houston Chronicle would build credibility with management. While these could have been handled with simple standard press releases, the desire to have a precisely worded piece for the sales packet led the team to the Advertorial Approach. These are “paid” articles, as in the space is paid for much like with a standard ad, while it looks like part of the regular editorial content of the paper or magazine.

The beauty of this approach is control, as W2 could be sure that all of the required features are listed accurately. It may be more expensive than the traditional press release approach, but can be very useful when the goal is to have a solid and comprehensive clipping for later use that will be seen by hundreds of important decision makers.

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